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What is website maintenance?

Would you buy a new car and not expect to have to top up the fuel and have it serviced on a regular basis? Having made a considerable investment I suspect you would want to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Websites are no different. Undoubtedly you will have invested a lot of time and money in setting it up and will want your website to continue to work as an effective marketing tool for as long as you need it. Websites requires a series of maintenance actions to ensure that they remain fully functional, secure from hacking and from malware. If anything does happen to break your site, it should be easily restorable without losing the most recent content.


The internet can be a dangerous place. There are hackers out there trying to access your website files in order to, for example, steal your or your visitors’ personal information, which could have implications under the General Data Protection Regulation that are effective from May 2018. Hackers might also be looking to monitor the browsing habits of your visitors or display unsolicited advertisements. Hacking is generally achieved by exploiting security holes on your website. Although there are programs to help, finding and removing malware can be tricky and very time-consuming. Avoiding it in the first place is the better course of action! As a bare minimum all the software behind the website should be kept up-to-date. More advanced security to minimise the risk of hacking could include regular scanning for malware, limiting the number of failed login attempts per user and enhancing password protection.


Things can happen to break a website. As well as the more sinister causes such as malware, there may be perfectly innocent reasons for it to fail. Occasionally, adding or updating software (for example, installing a plugin or code) will create a conflict and cause it to go down completely. Not keeping software updated can have similar results. If you work on the website yourself you might make a coding error that produces a blank white screen. If any of these should happen, a recent backup of the website to enable it to be restored quickly and easily will be an invaluable asset.

DIY or Professional?

If you are fairly website savvy (maybe you have built the website yourself or are comfortable making functional as well as content changes to it) there is nothing to stop you doing your own maintenance. However:

  • it is tedious;
  • it will take you away from your core business;
  • you will need some specialist software, which tends to be expensive for one or two websites;
  • it sometimes calls for advanced technical skills.

It is therefore generally more cost- and time-effective to get it done by a professional.

Fiona Storey website maintenance

We offer 3 different packages to maintain any WordPress website. Our premium packages offer increased levels of backup and security plus a discount on content updates and further development of the website.

Our website maintenance packages are designed to give you peace of mind at a level that meets your requirements.

What does each package provide?

The Essential package (from just 69p per day) offers basic protection, whilst the Business package (which is the recommended level for most businesses) provides some security as well as more frequent backups for less than £1 per day. The Professional package is designed for those who need added security; they will also benefit from real-time backups, automatic software updates and more frequent checks.

BackupMonthlyWeeklyReal Time
Software updatesMonthlyMonthlyAutomatic
Uptime MonitorYesYesYes
Spam removalMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Visual check of websiteMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Broken links checkN/AAnnuallyMonthly
Website securityN/ADaily malware scanningDaily malware scanning,
Limit login attempts,
Strong password enforcement,
Annual security report
Client action reportN/AMonthlyMonthly
Extra hours for content updates or website developmentN/A10% discount20% discount
Daily cost*69p
(when £250 is paid annually)

(when £25 is paid monthly)
(when £350 is paid annually)

(when £35 is paid monthly)
(when £500 is paid annually)

(when £50 is paid monthly)

* Prices quoted are net of VAT. All packages are payable in advance.
** For monthly packages, an initial payment equivalent to 3 months is required on commencement of the service. Thereafter monthly payments are payable in advance by standing order.
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Act now and benefit from effortless protection of your website and peace of mind!

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