Website design

Our service

We will work with you on your website to develop:

  • a design that truly reflects your business, your brand and your brand values;
  • a structure that is easy to navigate and will help potential customers to locate the information they need quickly and intuitively;
  • layouts that emphasise the key messages you are looking to convey as well as helping with search engine optimisation;
  • content that endorses your business as a professional organisation, encourages visitors to invest in your products and services and meets the criteria required for effective search engine optimisation;
  • provide easy channels and clear calls to action to enable your visitors to engage with you and become your customers or clients;
  • responsive design layouts to enhance the visitor experience as well as search engine optimisation (optional).

Creative website design to advance your business

Your website is an important marketing tool for your business. Even when customers hear about your products and services through third party recommendations or printed communications, they will often seek endorsement or further information by visiting your website. Your website will also form the hub of all your other marketing communications, including e-newsletters and e-marketing through social media and networking sites, as well as printed media and communications.

Search engine optimisation

Most businesses are keen to achieve a high ranking on the major search engines. The algorithms used by search engines incorporate a range of factors, including both the design and the content. We will design layouts and advise on content to optimise your website. Mobile- and tablet-friendly designs contribute to search engine ranking, and we can provide responsive design for your website. This means that the content is reorganised when it is viewed on a mobile phone or tablet so that it is more readable and easier to navigate. We can even create separate content for different devices if this would enhance your visitor’s experience of stopping by on your website.

To discuss your website requirements and for a no-obligation quote please call Fiona Storey on 01908 644673 or send us an email
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