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Email marketing offers a powerful means of communicating regularly with customers and other contacts. If you are in need of a particular product or service and have had regular engaging and informative emails from a business offering the sort of thing you are looking for, it’s highly likely that you will contact them to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote.

Our services

We can design a template for your email campaigns to look great on any device and compliment other marketing material you may have, such as your website, letterhead, brochures or vehicles – thus supporting and reinforcing your brand. You can then either create and send your own campaigns by using your own login to our simple-to-use email marketing system, or you can let us have the material and we will create the email and send them for you.

Once sent you can see how your emails are performing in real time using the campaign analytics on your account. You will be able to see how your audience is engaging with your emails, whether they are sharing any of the content and which calls to action are the most effective.

To discuss your email marketing requirements and for a no-obligation quote please call Fiona Storey on 01908 644673 or send us an email
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