HTTPS Conversion

Do you have a WordPress website that is currently HTTP and not HTTPS which means it is accessed by your visitors via a non-secure connection? We can convert it to HTTPS thus giving potential customers the peace of mind that any personal or login information they provide will be secure.

For further information read our blog post SSL Certificates and HTTPS – do you need them?

Our service includes:

  • changing the address of your website from http://[] to https://[] (all suffixes catered for!)
  • changing all internal links (e.g. to images or downloads that are uploaded to your website)
  • forcing the search engines to index the HTTPS version of your website.

The cost of this service is £99+VAT.

Before we can start:

EITHER you must contact your website hosting company to arrange for an SSL Certificate to be installed on your website server. Any cost associated with this is additional to our charge. Once you have done this and the SSL Certificate is in place please complete the form below.

OR please indicate in the form below if you would like a quote for transferring your website to our recommended hosting company. They now have SSL included on their latest servers at no additional charge. We will provide you with a quote for transferring the website, hosting on SSL-certificated servers for one year and converting your website to HTTPS. We will also inform you of the annual cost of this hosting package at current prices. You can then decide whether to remain with your current hosting company or transfer the hosting before going ahead with the HTTPS conversion.

To proceed with the HTTPS conversion (including, if required, a quotation to transfer the hosting) please read our Terms and Conditions then complete the form below. Please note that all fields shown are required and full payment of £99+VAT will be required on submission of the form. This website is an HTTPS website so please be assured that all the information you provide is transferred securely.


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