Here we will publish articles on items of interest, probably related in some way to website and / or graphic design. We plan to do this on a regular basis so do come back and visit us to check for new posts again soon!

Have you secured your .uk domain?

If you own a UK-based domain such as,, etc. you may, for a limited time, have an exclusive right to purchase the new .uk version of the same name. Find out more…

Is your website adequately protected?

All websites are at risk of being hacked. What does this actually mean, and what steps should you take to protect your website?

SSL Certificates and HTTPS – do you need them?

Why are some websites prefixed with http:// whilst others are prefixed with https://? What are SSL Certificates and how do they affect website security? Here we explain, in plain English, why HTTPS and SSL Certificates may be important for your website, and the processes required to convert it.

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Now is the time to review your website

As we move into a new year, have you checked if your website is fit for purpose in 2017? Layout and functionality As with anything, there are trends and fashions in website design. Like that suit that you bought in 2012 might look a bit dated now, the same may be true for a 5-year […]

Now is the time to tell your story

This week is National Storytelling week in which people of all ages are encouraged to spin tales that “create magic between the breath of the teller and the ear of the listener”

A New Year, a new website?

My major New Year’s resolution for the last couple of years was to replace my website. This was finally fulfilled in 2015 but it wasn’t as easy as you might expect…

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