About Fiona Storey

Fiona Storey’s passion and expertise is, quite simply, “Getting across your story”.

At Fiona Storey we design websites and marketing material to get results. We work mainly with small businesses to create digital and print media that will connect with their potential customers and have impact in their particular market.

So how did this come about and why are we different?

At school Fiona’s best subjects were maths and art. But she loved animals and wanted to become vet, so forewent the chance to study art to A Level in favour of scientific subjects. The veterinary route was not to be, and Fiona took a degree in Agriculture at Edinburgh University.

After graduating and spending a gap year farming in South Africa, Fiona worked in the dairy farming industry, initially as a consultant and later selling milking machines in Scotland and the north of England. She became interested in what makes people buy, which led her to study for a postgraduate diploma in marketing. On completing the course her employer offered her the position of Marketing Manager, which she did for 5 years before moving to a marketing role outside agriculture.

By then Fiona’s artistic side, that had been more or less dormant since school, was re-emerging, she was itching to be the one designing the marketing material she was instructing agencies to do for her. So in 2007 she resigned from her job, purchased software that is the industry standard and learned how to use it along with the coding (which is where her penchant for maths now comes in useful!) and principals behind web design. So Fiona has come a full circle and is at last using her natural talents to do a job she loves, now with a great team of people with their own different skills to support her.

We use Fiona’s unique and extensive experience of consultancy, sales and marketing coupled with the expertise of members of her team to produce the full spectrum of marketing material for web and print to communicate effectively with potential customers and clients in your target market:

  • Designs to create/support and develop your brand identity;
  • The right words to sell the benefits of your products and services;
  • User-friendly layouts to lead your audience through the information you want them to read.
We are Fiona Storey, “Getting across your story”!



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